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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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yes on question 2. >> now on newscenter 5. grexit driver trapped in a sinking suv. >> the strangers who rushed to the rescue. >> the drastic action being taken as fire concerns grow. >> temperatures falling quickly. where there are freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect. >> a cruise ships squeeze and the damage it caused. >> from boston's news leader. this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7 p.m. >> a dramatic rescue in arlington. people rushing into the water to pull a woman out of a sinking suv. note seven, we discussed new information from the husband of the woman who was trapped.
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john atwater with the new information. looks like they got there just in time. >> her husband is in the hospital with her mushy said that he said she is doing much better. she somehow mistook the gas pedal and the break pedal and went into the water. they are thankful for those strangers who went into rescue her. right now she is going in for some x-rays but she is expected to survive. >> you got to come out. >> the man who jumps in to save the woman pleads for her to get out but the car's sinking quickly. for a few moments, he fears the worst. >> i lost her. i lost her. >> somehow the woman emerges to the relief of the people watching. others jump in to save her and bring her to shore. police say the 60-year-old --
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the edge of spy pond. >> she made a mistake and she jumped the curb and went through a small fence over here and the vehicle went into the water. >> thankfully, people witnessed the terrifying plugs not hesitating to help the woman who clearly could not get out on her own. >> ankle he they were here and no one was in front of that car or anyone else was in the car. it is a day to be thankful we think here. we certainly appreciate t people who went in the water to help this woman. >> this is a live look at the effort to try to remove that woman's car from the water. the visibility is not so great. has been difficult for the cruise to pull her car out. that is what they are working on right now. her husband tells me she is expected to be in the hospital overnight but looking to go home tomorrow.
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galaxy note seven found from airplanes. the order goes into effect tomorrow at noon. you can have one of the phones with you, you can have it on your carry-on and cannot put it in your checked luggage. the and applies to flights to in front and within the country. samsung discontinued production of the smartphones after several original phones and the replacement caught fire. honor the officers shot in the line of duty. this is news -- new video justin and put the police mission or william evans among those taking part. more surgery today for both of those officers who were injured wednesday night as investigators gather large amounts of evidence at the scene.
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bienick is there. david: the suspect did not have a fire -- valid firearms license but somehow he still got his hands on guns. investigators removed eight evidence back from the shooting scene including one containing what appeared to be a large hard sided rifle case. >> all the scenes i have been to it is one of the most graphic and horrific. >> investigators should bab when kirk figaro a shot the officers. severely wounding both. >> it is physical evidence, showcasing's, bullet fragments, you name it by -- has been collected and will be analyzed. >> it started as a argument over the thermostat setting. it is not clear why he was wearing body armor and carrying
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>> why he does this is a big question. that is often in the mind of someone who does something like this. >> figaro was killed. he described himself as a former corrections officer and member of the army reserve and a boston constable. constables are authorized to serve warrant another date -- other legal documents. the underground -- undergo limited background checks. >> you mix in with the person handing out the warrant. at some point we have to take a look at it. >> you're looking at the candles that were left as part of the vigil held here at the shooting scene. newscenter 5 has confirmed the names of the officers who applied attorney get to the leg of the wounded officer on wednesday night. they are largely credited with
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then: the murder of a man in orange was a random attack. the two people accused facing a judge. nicole: the attack went on for more than two hours. the older couple targeted because of the car in their driveway. >> it was a brutal, perfect consensus crime. >> he hiked mountains and still worked every day. his 77-year-old wife watching tv last night in their home when police say there -- they were savagely attacked. because of the car that sat in their driveway. likes a plan was devised to allow them to escape and start a new life. >> they were trying to avoid going to jail. they wanted a car without a
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their intention was to go in and rob those people and they armed themselves before they entered. >> for two hours, torturing the elderly couple. >> he was brutally stabbed and suffocated. ms. fisher was left for dead. >> fisher who is richer bound try to call for help with the disabled the phones so she waited with stabbed ones until the morning to help arrived. ce the -- at the courtroom. >> such a good men -- man murdered for what appears to be the reason they picked that place. it just makes me sick. >> are being held this evening without bail. we are live in orange.
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. adam lanza it used the rifle to kill 20 children and six adults at the school. the judge ruling federal law shields gun manufacturers from most lawsuits over criminal use of their products. the families' lawyers said their lawsuit was allowed under an exception to the act, but the judge disagreed. ben: a woman accused of kidnapping and the child was found naked and bruised in the cold several hours later with a shaved head. the judge sentencing her to five to seven years in state prison followed by 10 years probation. a deadly three-car crash on american legion highway in hyde park. sky 5 flew over the scene this afternoon. one person has died in the collision. boston police say they are still in the early stages of the investigation.
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hampshire. clinton has a 41 to 38% lead over her rival in the new wbur mass inc poll. donald trump is heading to portsmouth new hampshire tomorrow for a rally there. donald trump holding a rally in north carolina just a few hours ago. that's a must-win state for him. trump hit back at the women who say he acted improperly toward them years ago, calling the allegations lies and smears, . no idea who these women are. i have no idea. and i think you know i have no idea because you understand me for a lot of years. jc: two more women today including a cast member from his , apprentice tv show, claimed trump touched them improperly. ben hillary clinton addressing : those allegations today at a fundraiser in seattle. clinton again questioning donald trump's fitness to serve. something, she says, she never did with past republican nominees.
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trump really is. we know that. now we have to demonstrate who we are. america is better than this. ben earlier this afternoon the : democratic nominee joining ellen here on channel 5. having a little fun, after discussing the issues. the candidates are gearing up for their final debate before the presidential election. that's wednesday in las vegas. our own emily riemer will be there with pre and pos newscenter5. jc: new at former congresswoman seven. gabrielle giffords visited boston to urge voters to support more gun control. giffords became a gun-control advocate 5 years ago after she was shot and nearly killed at a political event in phoenix. today she said that experience forced her to look at gun-related violence in a different way, way.
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kurds to take -- to what is do t is right. jc giffords and others at the : rally called for voters to support candidates who favor an assault weapons ban and other gun control measures. the man accused of killing five teenagers in vermont facing a judge for the first time. in court nearly a week after the crash. ben we are getting our first : look at the suspect and what the judge says will happen next. harvey: one of the coldest nights of the fall season. it will know about the rest of the weekend. jc: a new call for help to find a person behind a string of suspicious fires.
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kelly ayotte: let's be honest - but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents,
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>> you're watching wcvb newscenter five at 7 p.m. ben: this video shows a person
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there's a $5000 reward for information leading to a conviction. the vermont man accused of driving the wrong way on a highway and killing five teens has pleaded not guilty to five counts of second degree murder. steven bourgoin was arraigned this morning in a burlington hospital, where he is recovering from injuries from the crash. his attorney entered the not guilty plea. police say bourgoin crashed into the teens' car in williston, then stole a police cruiser before crashing it into at least seven other vehicles last week. bourgoin is being held without bail, pending the results of the competency evaluation. jc: a beautiful night we have out there on this friday. if anyone is heading out, they want to know what the temperatures will be. ben: it feels like fall. harvey: if you were out earlier and step out now you would say that it is a big change. we will talk more about that.
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the average high is 62. the temperature within one degree of average. it is a three mile per hour went so we have virtually no wind at all tonight and look how quickly temperatures have dropped from near 60 into the low 40's already in bedford. 41 in jeffrey, 43 in orange. it is 42 and, 44 on the vineyard. it did not take long, less than hour and a half after sunset. the air is so dry it allows the temperature away from the urban center to fall very quickly and to get pretty low tonight. we have freeze warnings, close to the 128 and 195 belt. you have had one or more phrases. your growing season has ended. along the coast there are frost
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frosty levels. logan airport will not and even the city will not quite but very short distance outside the city will. you may be seeing some heavy frost around the region and suburbs as temperatures will be in the 20's and low 30's. what about during the day? we will have a respectable temperature recovery, the winds will stay light, we should have close to. around 60, upper 50's for the immediate shore and low 60's over the and right around 60 14 bridgewater, a degree or two cooler. upper 50's to around 60 on cape cod. high pressure over us tonight and tomorrow but by sunday it moves to the east then the winds start coming from the southwest and that will allow sunday's temperatures to be about 10 or
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it is getting very colorful not too far to the north and west. the worcester hills north and west and even in the local area. we definitely have increasing color. check it out over the next seven days, you see this is a nice weekend. what does it mean for the patriots game? the weather looks great, fantastic as we get closest to the middle portion of the season. still very nice, temperatures in the 60's, southwest winds five to 15 miles per hour. tuesday looks warm sun. later night -- next week cooler and maybe wetter. hope to see you tonight. >> now, sportscenter 5, one minute drill. >> injuries to athletes, they happen. occasionally they get in their own way of the diamond field rink or court. from the minor, like brian griese tripping over his dog and
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sammy sosa sneezing himself into a back injury, to joe sakic, a serious surgery mix-up at a local hospital. breaking his hands trying to fix a snowblower. it was supposed to pitch game two of the alcs against the blue jays. >> it is kind of self-explanatory. we have all, probably everybody in here atom have had a drone related problem. [laughter] mike: you heard that right. cut by his own drone. jc: it happens all the time. mike: it is his pitching fan. -- hand. he should be ready for game three. it is not that bad of a cut.
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jc: a serious surgery mixup at a local hospital. a kidney removed from the wrong patient.
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ro monday morning on the eyeopener, you think you are doing everything right. >> three unexpected items that can >> and a warm start to the week, how long it lasts and tracking our next chance for showers on monday starting at ben a major mistake uncovered at
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is removed from the wrong patient. jc investigators say this past : july, a surgeon at st. vincent hospital was supposed to remove a diseased kidney from a patient. the surgeon did not confirm the patient's identity and instead took a healthy kidney out of another patient who had the same name. the two patients had different birthdates. investigators say the hospital should have noticed that. st. vincent's says it's taking steps to prevent similar mistakes. caught on camera, a cruise ship scraping the bottom of a bridge over the cape cod canal. south towards buzzards bay when it hit the bridge around 7:00 last night. the ship was about 4 feet too tall for the railroad bridge's clearance. a witness recorded the impact on her phone. army engineers say the only damage, is some chipped paint. really lucky. coming up, and manatee rescued
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jc: a shark races into a diver's cage. it got stuck and longed to get out. the diver managed to escape when the shark entered and swam to the surface. that diver is not injured as the great white took off. i can't imagine. be pregnant manatee that was rescued off the coast of cape cod? she is going south to see world, orlando. the slow-moving marine mammal, nicknamed washburn, has spent the last few weeks getting nursed back to health at connecticut's mystic aquarium. right there off nine -- i-95. she'll get some more rehab at seaworld, then be released back into the wild in florida. it would be nice to go to florida. harvey: a couple of months from
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and early tomorrow. once you get to late morning, it will be beautiful. sunday will be mild approaching 70 and in the 70's on tuesday. ben: may pushing 80? harvey: it is not impossible. jc: chronicle is next.
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